5 of the Best UK Podcasts for Creative People

Ah, the wonder that is the Podcast – don’t you just love them? Having become a bit of a seasoned Londoner in recent years, attempting to delve into your bag and hold a book open wide on a packed tube has become a bit of a no-no – by the time I’ve got it open, I’ve probably toppled into the nearest person and mistaken their arm for a tube rail. So alas, I turned to podcasts and frankly, they are bloody brilliant. Not only do you feel like you’re learning something new on your daily commute, they are such a fab talking point and I’ve had so many interesting conversations with my pals sparked by podcasts. Also, if you’re a creative being, it’s often hard to indulge in creativity and get inspired on a regular basis and I just find podcasts are a great way to find creativity in your day to day. So to share my love and get you listening, here are 5 of my favourites:

1. Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast with Emma Gannon

I get excited every time this podcast drops each week, as they are just always so damn good. Starting out writing the blog ‘Girl Lost in the City’, Emma Gannon then went on to release a book called ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ about how she grew up online. From the success of her book and the relatability of it, it naturally lead her to creating this podcast all about other individuals who are mastering the online world, whilst also tackling issues everyone faces with being prevalent online. With guests such as Liv Purvis, Estée Lalonde, Seth Godin and Zoella gracing her airwaves, she really knows how to nail an interview in such a relatable way and chats through issues of the online world that effect us all.

2. Filler: A Creative Industries Podcast

I fell in love with this podcast a couple of years ago and have been eagerly awaiting them to release more for the best part of a year – but don’t fret, there’s still around 24 episodes for you to delve into! Filler podcast, co-hosted and produced by the charismatic Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore, is a podcast dedicated to the creative industries where they listen to the stories of some of the industry’s brightest stars. Wishing to make the whole thing feel like an informal chat and catch up, they record each episode in a coffee shop, which means you hear the odd endearing coffee cup clink in the background. With guests ranging from YouTuber and filmmaker Ben Brown to the creator of Cereal magazine, the conversations are guaranteed to capture you and get you scrolling rapidly to the notes section of your phone to tap down their wisdom.

3. Get it On with Dawn O’Porter

If you’ve always been a little bit intrigued about what someone’s style might say about them and the flared, sequinned and ruffled journey that we all inevitably end up on at some point, then you’ll love this podcast. With Dawn O’Porter at the helm, she just makes the whole thing feel like a right laugh, makes you realise you should embrace the weird and wonderful things about your style and just always make sure you wear what makes you happy. Her wonderful ways just feel so comforting and just makes you wish everyone was such advocates for people embracing their quirks. Okay enough rambling, so how does this podcast work then? Well, each week Dawn interviews a different guest and chats to them all about how their style came to be, things they love about fashion and most importantly how this is all inextricably linked with their personality. This is such a great podcast to make you reconsider that clothes aren’t just a frivolity, they actually say a lot.

4. Hey It’s Ok Podcast by Glamour Magazine

Who knew Glamour Magazine’s editor, Jo Elvin was so damn hilarious?! As the main host of this podcast, her witty, dry and no holds barred sense of humour compliments proceedings and all the guests she has on so wonderfully. Based on Glamour Magazine’s long running real-talk column ‘Hey it’s Ok..’ that lists all the things we actually do but are sometimes too ashamed to admit, Jo and her guests that week discuss various issues, big or small but oh so relatable, in comical fashion.  Previous episodes have included everyone from Dawn French and Graham Norton to Caroline Flack and Emma Willis. If you download this podcast for the train, then be prepared to stifle your giggles as much as possible!

5. At Home With…by Anna and Lily

Finally my two favourite YouTubers have released a podcast – hurrah! With Anna and Lily being two online influencers I’ve looked up to for a while for their hard working spirit and real talk ways, I was over the moon when they released that they were going to be having their own podcast together. Not only that but it combines two of my favourite things, super impressive creatives and their inevitably gorgeous homes. So for me, it’s a win win. With only four episodes under their belt so far, it’s easy to get caught up and with Lisa Eldridge being in those first four, you’ll totally want too.